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This scene in Training Day is a great example of what God’s mercy and grace IS NOT LIKE.  If we deny the grace God has for us, but ask for it at a later date, He will not hold out on us.  No matter when we ask for it, He will have that salvation for us.  Denzel Washington had no mercy or grace, and when Ethan Hawke asked for breakfast later, he wasn’t allowed to get any.  But when we say no to God, say no to God, say no to God, and then say yes to God, He is there with open arms.

– zachary pinkston

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As usual, none of the Sunday school teachers can handle the restless bundle. But our lady continues teaching, serene and smiling. At tea time, she approaches Hendri, takes him in her arms and gives this five-year-old boy a big hug with all the warmth of Christ’ love she has. We are amazed and impressed, all the more because, for the first time, Hendri sits quietly for the following sessions. He even joins in whatever the lady asks the children to do.

That moment impacted the rest of my life.

-eva kristiaman

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I want to touch it, I want to try
But if I do so, away it might fly
I’d rather not have my desire be told
So I won’t lose the butterfly…
My hands can never hold.

–  jose paolo calcetas

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