LittWorld is the only international Christian publishing conference of its kind, held every three years. Join more than 150 professionals from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East for LittWorld 2012. Gain intensive training on strategic publishing-related topics.

“LittWorld contributed a great deal in transforming my vision and equipping me to work…” -Joanna Ilboudo, publisher, Burkina Faso

Sharpen Your Skills, Expand Your Vision

“After LittWorld I came home encouraged, inspired with a new vision.”
Bruna Terešak, publisher, Croatia

Welcome to Kenya!

“Jambo! You will find empowerment and encouragement as you fellowship with a global community, united with one purpose,” says Barine Kirimi, chair of the Africa organizing team. “You can’t afford to miss Littworld 2012 in Kenya. Karibu!”

– Media Associates International

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I’d like you to meet one of the 180 people coming to LittWorld. She is publisher Eva Kristiaman of Indonesia.

“LittWorld is my school in publishing,” Eva says. “I missed twice since attending LittWorld 2004. I and the other director decided to re-commence the Salt and Light of the World Publishing House last January 2011. I run this publishing as a business with a mission heart, and apply the golden rule (Matthew 7:12) literally in every decision I have made.

“Currently we are preparing to publish the next book, with a new local writer and I am the co-writer. I know that it’s time for me to attend LittWorld 2012 training conference.”

Like Eva, many LittWorld participants will come to Kenya eager to learn–the conference being their “school in publishing.” What a privilege for MAI to have even a small part in their publishing journey.

John Maust

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MAI: What do you remember about your experience at LittWorld 10 years ago?

Daniel: LittWorld 2002 was an exciting experience for me. It had a significant impact on my life as publisher. It was helpful to get connected with publishers from different parts of the world who shared similar challenges and to learn from them. The level of professional experience among the workshop leaders and speakers helped equip me to grow in my role. It was a life changing experience. I give thanks to LittWorld for providing such a wonderful opportunity that confirmed and shaped my calling to publishing ministry.  Since my participation, I keep encouraging people to attend LittWorld.

Daniel Bourdanné is the head of IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. A native of Chad, he previously directed an IFES-related publishing house in Cote d’Ivoire. Daniel will be speaking at LittWorld 2012 on what the world’s students want to read and why. We hope you’ll enjoy this pre-conference interview with Daniel… 

– Media Associates International

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Are you among the many people who have more financial responsibility in publishing than you feel comfortable managing? Tony Wales, global publishing consultant, offers a workshop at LittWorld that will equip you to better steward your resources.

– Media Associates International

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Di alinea pertama, Penulis menggunakan “Jeremia”, bila kisah tersebut adalah kisah Penulis, Jeremia, mengapa tidak langsung menggunakan “aku” saja dari awal, dan menggambarkan konflik yang ada di benaknya? Alinea pertama ini sebenarnya sederhana namun menarik.

Lalu di alinea kedua menggunakan “kita” dan “saya” dan di alinea selanjutnya menggunakan “Anda” juga. Bila meneruskan menggunakan “aku” hingga akhir, akan lebih baik dan kuat, dan dapat membangun alur dari konflik ke konflik dengan baik hingga klimaks dan resolusi, tanpa kesan “menggurui” atau “berkhotbah”. Sehingga pesan utama bisa disampaikan ke hati Pembaca dengan lebih nyaman. :) … dan mengena.

– eva kristiaman

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I was not anymore worried because I am confident that whatever problems I go through, God is on my side. So, if God is for us, then who can be against us? I will just to have to put in mind that the battle is not always mine, it’s God’s.

-bogie teves

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Months later, P’s son came crying (literally) to her.  “You prayers are certainly powerful, Mom! My girlfriend and I just broke up!”

P replied, “Oh, no, dear, my prayers have no power—none whatsoever. Only God has the power to do or change things.”

Like P’s son, I am sometimes deluded by the thought that my prayers are powerful (especially when hordes of my friends are helping me pray for the same thing all at the same time) and can goad God to action and do my bidding.

True, in the Bible, God might have changed the course of some events as a result of someone’s prayers, but in the end, it is He alone who makes the decision based on what He wants for us. Whether he gives us exactly what we want done, it is His will alone, not ours.

– grace chong

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This scene in Training Day is a great example of what God’s mercy and grace IS NOT LIKE.  If we deny the grace God has for us, but ask for it at a later date, He will not hold out on us.  No matter when we ask for it, He will have that salvation for us.  Denzel Washington had no mercy or grace, and when Ethan Hawke asked for breakfast later, he wasn’t allowed to get any.  But when we say no to God, say no to God, say no to God, and then say yes to God, He is there with open arms.

– zachary pinkston

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How did I feel? Amused. Relieved. Blessed.

Early that morning, I sent text messages to four of my prayer partners, asking them to pray for my talk. One texted back, “It will be excellent.”

They must have prayed so hard that the only way I could be excellent was to speak not.

Hours later, I was at the 62nd Palanca Awards Night, where 46 other winners—fellow nondescript literary writers whose names will never be on neon lights—milled about. Bud Gardner might have been right when he said, “When you speak, your words echo only across the room. But when you write, your words echo down the ages.”

– grace chong

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Anak-anak yang dibawa adalah brefos, yaitu anak yang masih menyusu. Anak-anak kecil seperti itu sudah serendah mungkin, sepenuhnya bergantung pada ibu untuk bisa hidup. Mereka dibawa kepada Yesus untuk disentuh, yaitu, diberkati (bdk. Mrk 10:16).

Para murid tidak setuju (15b). Kata “memarahi” (epitimao) berarti menegor dengan keras untuk menghentikan sesuatu. Mengapa mereka keberatan tidak dijelaskan, tetapi jika kita berangkat dari 18:14b, mereka menganggap bahwa tidak pantas kalau Yesus berurusan dengan anak.

Apapun alasannya, Yesus sangat keberatan terhadap mereka (16). Dengan paralelisme yang tegas—“biarlah mereka datang…jangan menghalangi mereka”—Yesus mau menerima anak-anak itu. Justru anak-anak itu yang memiliki sifat anggota-anggota Kerajaan Allah. Implikasinya ialah bahwa cara masuk ke dalam Kerajaan Allah adalah menjadi seperti anak kecil itu.

Kata brefos tadi menarik karena menutup tafsiran yang merujuk pada kerendahanhati anak. Seorang bayi belum sampai sombong atau tidak, tetapi kerendahannya adalah sesuatu yang objektif. Pemungut cukai itu tidak berpura-pura menyesali dosanya, dia tidak berlagak sebagai orang yang rendah di hadapan Allah, tetapi dia sadar akan keadaannya yang sebenarnya.

– andrew buchanan

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