On August, 2008, I set up tulistulistulis to encourage the members of a  Writer Club in Jakarta, and Indonesian writers as well, to write… I encourage you to click it and have a visit 🙂 Yes, you will find: we are twins … tulistulistulis is “writewritewrite” … you got it?!

These pages are for us. I am happy to share with you how I set up a blog for Writer Club, how I manage it and develop it. God has blessed me with His wisdom, ideas, friends, very good senior editors. Currently tulistulistulis has become a cyberspace Writer Club.

I do hope that writewritewrite become a place where writer club’s coordinators and bloggers may get and share ideas, encouragements and good support to run their group. Coordinators and Bloggers need support and encouragements, too! I was the coordinator of a Writer’s Club for three years. So sad that I had to move to Sydney in December 2006. But God has very special purposes  according to His perfect plans for my life. He has given me opportunities to serve Indonesia from here!

🙂 eva kristiaman

In the beginning of August 2012, Jose Paolo Calcetas and I had a chat, and he believed the Lord had a special plan for us to have a project that will bless many writers. And here we go, we make this blog for bloggers. We are going to  highlight a small part of the articles from very good blogs, and put the link of the blog. How does it sound? 🙂

It would be a privilege and a geat blessing if we could serve you and be an encourager. You may write to adminmywalk@gmail.com or write your questions and comments in this blog. We could encourage each other 🙂

Enjoy! …

🙂 jose paolo calcetas and eva kristiaman