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On many Sundays, I’d sing anthems with the choir up in the balcony. At vespers, I’d help put up stage productions—one that comes to mind right now is dramatizing and reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s letters from prison.

Solemn and serene, this church was my haven of safety, a constant silent witness to my growing up—from a scared little girl to an adult whose moral fiber remained woven in the tapestry of God’s love.

– grace chong

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Because of God’s mercies you can follow Him with all of your heart today…you can take each step today with a quiet heart…you can move ahead today with great confidence of faith knowing His love keeps you close to His heart, mindful of His promises, and confident of His care.

God’s mercies declare that you are covered in His compassion; His peace proclaims that you are renewed in His rest; His love heralds that you are bathed in His blessings of joy.

– roy lessin

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It made me realize that despite my complaints of what was missing in my life, there were so many things that I should be thankful for. I couldn’t help but feel astonished while listing down these things which I should be more than thankful for.

I have finally unearthed the Gold in Gratitude. True enough, when we express it by either saying Thank You or even with a simple smile, we validate and give joy to others.

There is Gold in Gratitude, and Thank You is the best salve for one’s soul.

-jose paolo calcetas

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