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They were undoubtedly more talented than I am, but what pushed me to exceed them is my passion for writing. I had the unwavering love for my craft. I write to express my thoughts and keep track of my blessings. I write to enlight younger scribes who dream of reaching the summit of their craft. I write even when nobody will read it. I write because I have faith.

– jose paolo calcetas

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“Tetapi apa yang keluar dari mulut berasal dari hati.” Mengambil pernyataan ini sedikit lebih jauh, apa yang ada dalam hati kita tidak hanya tercermin dalam kata-kata yang kita ucapkan, tetapi juga dalam apa yang kita pikirkan, dan jika kita adalah seorang penulis, itu akan tercermin dalam apa yang kita tulis.

-Delia Latham

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The incident captured Liz’s commitment to excellence in Christian writing and publishing. When training Christian writers and communicators, she often quoted Ecclesiastes 12:10: “The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true.”

-john maust

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Even the most successful writer needs constructive criticism. An effective critique demands the loving commitment of everyone in the group to help the others achieve their full potential.

-Media Associates International

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