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It doesn’t mean that He didn’t know the answer yet. It does mean that He already knew what He is going to do, He is testing me.

His question will help me to go through a very significant process, that will stretch me to know His ways and His way of thinking, and get valuable insights and understanding. WISDOM. It is the main purpose He has for me.

– eva kristiaman

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Find God to tell everything in my heart. He is the right Person who can help with accurately the best. He can use my friends, their best advise, their precious time to listening. He can use a nice place, a pleasant atmosphere, nice ice cream, or nice coffee… All are God’s effective tools in His mighty loving hands. But He Himself is the very best Friend I can have, He is with me. I am in His hands. Secure.

Thank you God for tears…

-eva kristiaman

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The more I knowing Him the more I know His Will and His Ways, and it makes me know how to do what is right, and to keep doing what is right. Following HIM  and flowing with HIM.

-eva kristiaman

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I cry at your feet, your beautiful feet.
You still my restless mind.
Your springs of water fill me.
I am lifted up held in your palm.

– libby fraser

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