Lukas mau supaya kita menyambut kedatangan Kerajaan Allah dengan memusatkan perhatian kepada Yesus dan ajaran-Nya. Hal itu khususnya berlaku bagi yang giat dalam pelayanan tetapi terancam lupa akan apa yang pokok dalam pelayanan itu, dan malahan mau menyeret orang lain dari apa yang pokok itu. Marta menerima Yesus (a.38b), tetapi tanpa sengaja mau menghalangi saudaranya mendengarkan Yesus.

-andrew buchanan

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This summer, I was in New Mexico at a Christian college convention visiting my father.  One day, a group of the missionaries went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and I joined my father.  I sat by a gentleman named Randall Gallaway.  He asked me about my hobbies and what I enjoyed doing, and he found out promptly that I was in the U.S. Army.  He told me that he supported me, but then changed the tone.  He told me that as good as it was being in the Army, the Army doesn’t bring people to Christ.  That really affected me.  It is still affecting me today.  He told me that he had worked for many years with African students.  He told me that there was a huge need in the world for Christian men and women to start orphanages.  He explained that I would be perfect for it because of my military training, and that I could also write while directing an orphanage.  I told him I would pray about it.

-zachary pinkston

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Judging (or misjudging) people by their outward appearance is cross-cultural!

Today, I can morph from Mommy to Nanay quite easily, depending on my get-up. And although this labeling is a sad state of affairs, it is a hard fact of life.

I thank our gracious God for not judging me by how I look on the outside. He calls all those who believe in and follow him—youngster or oldie, a clothes horse or fashion victim, wrinkled or unlined—the same endearing tag, “My child.”

– grace chong

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Literary agent Rachelle Gardner talked recently with an author who wanted to begin building her blog without sweating hours over it. She listed these 13 helpful pointers that can benefit bloggers anywhere.

– Media Associates International

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Bagi saya, hal itu sangat relevan, karena ada banyak hal dalam penggunaan persembahan yang sebenarnya pelik. Apakah diakonia mengikat persahabatan dengan orang miskin? Bagaimana? Gagasan tentang diakonia karitatif, reformatif dan transformatif adalah usaha untuk berdiakonia dengan cerdik (tetapi baru menjadi cerdik jika diterapkan). Apakah anggaran marturia (kesaksian) mendukung warga jemaat untuk mengikat persahabatan dengan orang yang belum mengenal Kristus? Terlalu banyak anggaran gereja akan mendukung keluhan Yesus dalam a.8b: tulus tetapi tumpul.

– andrew buchanan

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Sulit Dimengerti. Mengapa Mr. Ninger lebih memilih berjerih lelah untuk melakukan pelanggaran hukum terhadap negara,  padahal dia memiliki kesempatan dan kemampuan, untuk meraup penghasilan besar yang halal, bermutu tinggi dan terhormat. Bukankah perbuatan Mr. Ninger tadi mengingatkan kita kepada orang-orang yang menjalankan hidup keagamaan, disertai kepatuhan yang luar biasa, sampai dirasakan sebagai beban yang berat, namun tidak dihargai oleh Tuhan.  Sementara itu Tuhan lebih berkenan kepada para penyembah sejati yang melakukan ibadahnya dengan segala ketulusan hati dan sukacita.

– daud adiprasetya

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At the end of the day, good content is still key. Thus, MAI’s work is cut out for us: to help with the ongoing development of national authors. With the work of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word will remain alive and powerful in transforming lives. Books and magazines, both in print and digital, based on biblical principles and teachings, by authors writing in their local context and heart language, will continue to make an impact for Christ until He comes again.

Could the rise of self-publishing endanger the viability of publishers in your country? Please comment.

–  ramon rocha III

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They were undoubtedly more talented than I am, but what pushed me to exceed them is my passion for writing. I had the unwavering love for my craft. I write to express my thoughts and keep track of my blessings. I write to enlight younger scribes who dream of reaching the summit of their craft. I write even when nobody will read it. I write because I have faith.

– jose paolo calcetas

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On many Sundays, I’d sing anthems with the choir up in the balcony. At vespers, I’d help put up stage productions—one that comes to mind right now is dramatizing and reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s letters from prison.

Solemn and serene, this church was my haven of safety, a constant silent witness to my growing up—from a scared little girl to an adult whose moral fiber remained woven in the tapestry of God’s love.

– grace chong

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As a graduate student I attended my first Evangelical Press Association (EPA) convention. That was 35 years ago. But I still have notes from a workshop on writing the “perfect circle” article. That is, you start with a “Wow!” element in the lead and conclude by referring back to the same “Wow!” element—thus bringing the reader full circle.

That little structure served me well over the years. You never know what you might come away with from a training conference.

– john maust

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